Grocery Coupons Abbreviations, Acronyms & Terms




Acronym Meaning
$/1 – Cents off when you buy one item.
$/2 – Cents off when you buy two items.
AC – After Coupon
Albies – Albertsons a grocery store.
ASAV – Any Size, Any Variety
AR – After Rebate
AYOR – At Your Own Risk
B&M – Brick & Mortar, i.e. an actual store, as opposed to an online store.
B1G1 or BOGO – Buy One Get One Free, i.e. if you purchase one item, you get the second item free.
B5G1 – Buy Five Get One Free
BC/AC – Before/After Coupons
BIL – Brother-In-Law
Blinkie – A coupon dispensing machine found in store’s aisles. Because the machines often have a red blinking light to attract attention, its coupons are thus referred to as ‘Blinkies’
BOGO orB1G1 – Buy One Get One Free, i.e.  if you purchase one item, you get the second item free
BOLO – Be On the Lookout
Bricks – Refers to the program used when printing IP coupons
CC or CCash – Concealed Cash.Money concealed well inside paper before mailed. It is not easy to mail coins however so usually restricted to paper money
CDB – Coupon Database
CH – Clearing House
CLFE – Campbell’s Labels For Education
C/O – Cents Off an item
CRT – Cash Register Tape (i.e. receipt). Often required as proof of purchase for mail-in rebates. See also DCRT
CYE – Check Your Email
DB – Coupon Database
DCRT – Dated cash register tape, usually required for a rebate
DCRTC – Dated cash register tape with the price circled, usually required for a rebate
DD – Darling Daughter
DEAD – Refers to a dead deal, or that the offer is no longer valid.
DH – Darling Husband
DND – Do Not Double
DNT – Do Not Tripple
DS – Darling Son
Dumpster Dive – To dig in recycling bins or trash for extra coupon inserts
DW – Darling Wife
ECB – Extra Care Buck (applicable for CVS)
ENVIE – Envelope
EPOP – Each pay own postage (trading term)
ES – Easy Saver (seen at Walgreens rebate booklet)
ESR – EasySaver Rebate (Monthly rebate program at Walgreens)
ETA – Edited to add
ETS – Excludes Trial Sizes
EX or X – Expires on
FAC – Free After Coupon
FAQ – Frequently asked questions. A question and answer style guide
FAR – Free After Rebate
FC – First Class postage stamps
FIL – Father-In-Law
FL – Either Food Lion, or a site Forum Leader
FLIP – Food Lion Internet Printable. Printable coupon(s)
Free item coupon – A coupon that is for a free product
FREES – Manufacturer coupons for a free item.
These are generally issued to reimburse you for an item that was defective or unsatisfactory.Sometimes used to refer to a coupon that when used with a current sale will make the product free
FS – Free Shipping or Forever Stamp
FSI – Free Standing Insert. The free Sunday paper coupon inserts
FSOT – For Sale or Trade
FWIW – For What It’s Worth
GC – Gift Card/Gift Certificate
GDA – Good Deal Alert
GM – General Mills Insert, a booklet of coupons that appears in newspapers every month or two
Hangtag – A coupon or form found hanging from a tag around the neck of a bottle or jar
HBA – Health & Beauty Aid section in the store
HDA – Hot deal alert or Home delivered ad
HGT – See Hangtag
HL – Have list. A list of coupons, forms and items that another member has to offer for trade
HT – Harris Teeter grocery store, or Hangtag
HTH – Hope This Helps
IDSO – In Desperate Search Of
INSERTS – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday paper
IME – In My Experience
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
IMO – In My Opinion
IP – Internet Printable coupon
IRL – In Real Life
ISO – In Search Of (basically you need it)
IVC – Instant Value Coupons (can be seen in Walgreens rebate booklet)
IVDSO – In Very Desperate Search Of
JIC – Just In Case
JLMK – Just Let Me Know
JMHO – Just My Humble Opinion
KG – Kroger grocery store
LFE – Labels For Education (Campbell’s soup)
KM – Kmart, a national retailer
KWIM – Know What I Mean
LMAO – Laughing My A** Off
LMK – Let Me Know
LOL – Laugh/Laughing Out Loud
MFR – Manufacturer
MIL – Mother-In-Law
MIR – Mail In Rebate
MOD – Site Moderator
MM – Money Maker, a deal where after coupon or rebate you make money with overage of some sort.
MQ – Manufacturer Coupon
MRP – Manufacturer’s Retail Price
NAZ – Name, Address, Zip code
NAZP# – Name, Address, Zip code, Phone number
NBPN – No beer purchase necessary, terms of a beer sponsored rebate or coupon.
Nearly Free – A coupon that when used, usually on an item on sale, to make the product “almost free”.Shampoo on sale for a $1.19 would be nearly free if you used a $1 off coupon.
NED – No Expiration Date
NFN – ‘No Form Needed’ refund offer
NIB – New in Box
NIP – New in Package
Non-Inserts – Any coupon from another source other than inserts, such as magazine coupons or those that have been mailed to you from the manufacturer.
NP – No Problem
NSR – No state restrictions. Usually in reference to a Winetag or Rebate.
NT WT – Net Weight
NWPN – No Wine Purchase Necessary. Terms of a rebate or coupon (winetag) sponsored by a wine company.
NWPR – No Wine Purchase Required,. Terms of a rebate or coupon (winetag) sponsored by a wine company.
OAS – On any size, a coupon or form that is valid on any size product or has no size limitations.
OASN – On A Side Note
OOP – Out of Pocket
OOS – Out of Stock
OP – Original Poster or Original Post (the person who started the thread)
OSI – On a Single Item
OT – Off Topic
Overage – When you purchase an item with a coupon and the item costs less than the value of the coupon you may receive overage.Example: You purchase an item that costs $0.99 cents and you use a $1.50 off 1 coupon to purchase the item you will have $0.51 cent overage.
OYNO – On Your Next Order
P&G or PG – Proctor & Gamble (Sunday Booklet Coupons)
Peelie – A coupon found attached to a product, and can be peeled it off.
Piggyback – The use of coupons for products in conjunction with one another in order to maximize savings.Each coupon is attached to a specific product, and if the purchase requirements are met, these coupons can be used together for the purchase of a group of items.
PITA – Pain in the a**
PLMK – Please Let Me Know
PM – Private Message
POP – Proof of Purchase. Generally your cash register receipt, but may also include the UPC.
PP – PayPal or Purchase Price or Previous Post(er)
PPEF – PayPal Existing Funds. This is when you pay for something using Pay-Pal however the person selling the item is requesting that the funding option from Pay-Pal is existing funds, as opposed to credit card funded Pay-Pal.
PPHF – PayPal handling fee. In other words they are asking for money paid via Pay-Pal.
Printable – A coupon that you print from the internet on your computer.
PSA – Prices Starting At or Public Service Announcement.
Q – A short for Coupon, or Qualifier.
Qualifier – The proof of purchase required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package.
QQ – Coupon Queen
RA – RiteAid drug store
RAOK – Random Act of Kindness (means that will give away/get the coupons for free)
RC – Rain Check. A slip of paper that a store issues when an item is out of stock, allowing you to purchase that item at a later date at the sale price.
Rebate – A mail in offer provided by the manufacture of a product or a store that will refund you back money you spent to purchase a specific item in whole or in part.
Rep – Reputation
RIB – Reinventing Beauty, a special booklet of coupons issued about once quarterly that contains various coupons for products at CVS store locations. The cost of this booklet is $0.99.
RME – Revolution Money Exchange, a form of online payment much like Pay-Pal but without the fees.
ROFLMAO – Rolling on The Floor Laughing my a** off (found in the mood tab)
RP – Red Plum (Sunday Booklet Coupon Insert)
RR – Register Reward (applicable to Walgreens. Use as a $ off coupon on your next purchase)
SAE – Self Addressed Envelope.
SAHD – Stay At Home Dad
SAHH – Stay At Home Husband
SAHM – Stay At Home Mom
SAHW – Stay At Home Wife
SASE – Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SCO – Self Check Out
SCR – Rite Aid Single Check Rebate
SD – Store Display
SF – Store Form
SIL – Sister-In-Law or Sun-In-Law
SMP – Specially Marked Package
SO – Significant Other
SRP – Suggested Retail Price
SS – Smart Source (Sunday Booklet Coupon Insert)
STACKING – The usage of more than one coupon per item (Usually store coupon + manufacturer coupon)
STG – Super Target, a bigger version of Target stores that include a full grocery store section of their store.
Sticky – A thread marked as important by a moderator of this forum and “stuck” to the top of the forum. Threads that are “stuck” (Sticky) are always at the top of the forum until removed as such by a moderator.These are usually threads that need high visibility because they are important threads.

All members are requested to read the stickies in each forum before posting as they will help explain rules and policies.

SUPER DOUBLES orDOUBLES – Coupons that are doubled $1 + in value (Example: a $1.00 coupon is doubled to $2.00 value)
SW – Safeway grocery store
SWM – Super Wal-Mart. A bigger version of Wal-Mart stores that include a full grocery store section of their store (a national retailer.
TEARPAD – A pad of forms/coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.
TG – Target
TIA – Thanks in Advance
TMF – Try Me Free – mail in rebate for full amount of product.
TMI – Too Much Information
TP – Tearpad or Toilet Paper or Toothpaste
TRIPLE COUPON – A coupon that a grocery store triples in value
TRU – Toys R Us
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
UPC – Universal Product Code, i.e. the barcode on a coupon or a product. Often required as proof of purchase when applying for a rebate.
WAG orWAGS – Walgreens drug store
WD – Winn Dixie grocery store
Winetag – A coupon, usually found in the form of a hangtag around the neck of a bottle of wine.
WL – Wish List
WM – WalMart
WPN – Wine Purchase Necessary. A coupon for form offered by a wine company that requires the purchase of wine to redeem the offer.
WPR – Wine Purchase Required. A coupon or form offered by a wine company that requires the purchase of wine to redeem the offer.
WSL – While Supplies Last
WT – Winetag
WUC – We Use Coupons (refers to the site)
WUCkie – Member of WUC
WYB – When You Buy
YGEM – You’ve Got an Email
YGPM – You’ve Got a Private Message!
YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary (“Worked for me, may not work for you”)
YVW – You’re Very Welcome

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