“Our story” brief summary of how I met my soul mate

nys fair 2016

My amazing boyfriend, Justin and I met through our church a few years ago. He is the church elder/board member and a royal rangers leader. I’m a single mom and I was new at the church. I didn’t know his name at the time but when I saw him up front doing a sermon I was instantly in love. ( I’ve had bad relationships in the past and have sworn off all men so for me feeling so strongly about someone I didn’t even know caught me completely by surprise).  After a year or two of having a secret crush I decided after much self debate to use Valentine’s day as an excuse to get him an “innocent” yet hint-ful gift. I literally tapped his shoulder , tossed the gift bag in his lap and raced away quickly. (He tells everyone I threw it at him from across the room lol)  After service he came up to me to say thank you and he even gave me a hug-I totally melted inside!! I was smiling like an idiot all day! One day at church we were sitting in a different spot with a friend of ours and Justin just so happened to be sitting right next to me. (omg talk about internal panic attack and non stop blushing). My oh so lovely children decided among themselves to lean over and rather loudly exclaim to him
( and probably the whole congregation) that ” my mommy has a crush on you!” yea I’m pretty sure I died right then and there! I’m a very shy person so after several internal arguments with myself ( things like : he won’t like you, he probably already has a gf, you’re only gonna embarrass yourself and you should not be having these thoughts during church!) I finally got the courage (well kinda) to ask him to “hang out” sometime. Well I didn’t actually ask I sent a message via internet. I was so shocked he actually replied and said yes. Great now I actually have to plan a date…what do I do?  Turns out he offered taking me to a restaurant I’ve never been to before.  I must have said something right because after exchanging numbers and a few months of dating we Finally confessed our feelings for each other. I blurted them out first. I literally told him how much I loved him way early into our relationship. I think waiting so long to tell him made me impulsive. I think he was shocked at first but after awhile he too fell for me and one day said those three words right back. I felt like I was on the moon! We have since then grew closer together and became completely obsessed with other. Justin is my best friend and I can tell him anything. He is always there for me and the kids. I thank God everyday for sending me to that church and for finding my soul mate! Justin is by far my greatest blessing ( besides the kids) and I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I love Justin more than words can express and I can’t wait for the day he becomes my husband! ❤



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  1. Aww, you’re so sweet! I love you so much ❤ I'm excited, our best days are ahead of us 🙂


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