My review of the frebreeze ONE fabric and air mist


I got the privilege to try and review this new frebreeze product. ( via It came with full sized samples and some coupons. As a mom I go through lots of air and fabric products. I must say that I’m highly pleased with this product and would defiantly recommend it to others. I love the fact you can easily replace refills and recycle the old ones, I don’t think any other brands do that! They are available in three different scents: orchid, manderin,and bamboo. I for some reason couldn’t smell the bamboo one but all three made my house fresher and smell clean,especially after a long day of cleaning and chores. I used this product in the air , on my furniture, carpets,smelly shoes/boots, our winter jackets and our musty stairway. This product freshens my home instanly without heavy lingering after scent that overwhelms. I’m sure this is helpful  those with allergies or breathing issues. My kids and I love thus product. This is definitely a product to add to your spring cleaning list!

“The next couple of months are gonna stink. From wet winter clothes to perpetually closed windows, we are entering a season of smelliness. Don’t merely mask the pungent problem — eliminate it with the new Febreze® ONE! Febreze® ONE Fabric & Air Mist gently removes odors with just a hint of scent. You won’t find any aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes, either. That’s because this versatile spray gently cleans away odors from both fabrics and the air without ’em. Plus, the reusable nozzle lets you switch between other Febreze® ONE scent refills. It’s the odor-eliminating overachiever you’ve been searching for. ONE comes in three fresh, single-ingredient scents (Bamboo, Mandarin, and Orchid). Plus, it’s refillable and recyclable via Terracycle!” -frebreze


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