I AM by: Rev. Lesley Miller


I AM by: Rev. Lesley Miller

“I AM an unlimited spiritual being, expressing in life as a divine creation of God”

In exodus 4:14 (kjv), God speaks to Moses through a burning bush that miraculously is not consumed by fire. When Moses asked ” who are you?” he hears the response ” I AM that I AM ” ( other bibles translate I will be what I will be) God truly cannot be confirmed by human understanding.

How often do remember our own unlimited divine nature-the I AM we are God’s beloved? Do we affirm: I AM unlimited, I AM health, I AM prosperity , I AM creative,strong loving and growing in spiritual understanding? Too often we misuse our I AM power by repeating negative beliefs and thoughts of lack or limitations such as: I AM poor, I AM sick, I AM a victim. When you say I AM ________, you affirm your thoughts into your mind body and spirit. The Truth is you are an unlimited,spiritual being with all of God’s qualities expressing as you.


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