Denial by: Rev.Mark Fuss

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Denial by: Rev.Mark Fuss

The thought “I’m not good enough” played repeatedly through my mind like a broken record or a looping tape. It was an overwhelmingly negative tape reinforcing feelings of shame and lack.
Once again the job I wanted had gone to someone else.
That evening, feeling miserable, I went to choir practice at church. In the company of friends, my spirits begin to lift. When the New sheet music was handed out, I read the lyrics. The song we were to learn was “I release and let go” by rickue byars beckwith:

“I release and I let go
I let spirit run my life
My arms are open wide
I’m only here for God”

As the music swelled around me, the power of those words grabbed my heart. I realized I could let go-the negative tape playing in my mind held no power over me. I could release it and choose a new thought.

We all have the power to let go of self-defeating thoughts. What thoughts do you need to Deny and release today?


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