back-to-school: Tips For a Better Morning Routine


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Tips for a Better Morning Routine:

  • Have a designated area in your home for all coats, shoes and backpacks  such as a mushroom, hallway closet or a corner with hooks. Having everything ready in an easy to find place makes mornings run smoother. No more “where’s my other shoe?” Also a great spot to charge cell phones, store your purse, keys and sunglasses so everything can be grabbed on your way out.
  • Make school\work lunches the night before. While waiti ngfor water to boil or oven to preheat for dinner,take that time to make sandwiches. Have pre-sliced fruit and veggies packed into Ziploc bags or small containers that can be grabbed and tossed into your lunch tote. Keep some juice boxes or bottled water on the door of the fridge and easy to reach yogurt and fruit cups so kids can assemble their own lunches while you fix breakfast. At the end of the day have kids remove any utensils or dump trash, then place it on the counter as a reminder to make lunch for the next day.
  • A good tip for avoiding morning fashion struggles is to have outfits picked out the night before. For busy parents organize your closet on the weekend, choosing 5-7 work and/or casual outfits you know you look good in and rotate them. Have everyone put shoes and jackets on 8-10 minutes before you leave out the door to give cushion time for the dwaddler that refuses to cooperate.
  • Each week give your calendar a glance over for any appointments/meetings/after school , etc and plan ahead of time. Divide driving/pick up duties with your spouse or friends if needed. Make sure any school forms/permission slips are signed and put in kids bags the night before. Write a note 24 hours in advance if your child has to leave early for an appointment. This way the teacher will know and have all homework papers together and handed to student before they leave. By planning ahead you will know what that days schedule consists of and won’t run into any last minute drop offs and panic.
  • Avoid morning use of electronics such as cell phones/tablets/television that can easily distract little ones from getting ready to leave. Have a daily routine. Make charts and checklists to help kids be more self efficiency. ( making their beds, getting dressed, combing hair, breakfast, brush teeth, feed dog,etc)
  • Make sure both parents and kids are getting plenty of sleep. Sometimes it means putting off Facebook or laundry until the next day. Limit the amount of after school activities so kids aren’t up late finishing homework. Parents set alarms to be up and ready before the kids wake up. It’s hard getting kids rushed out the door and having time to enjoy to morning coffee before it turns cold!
  • Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Even if the morning is chaotic,  send them off without some fruit, or muffin or slices of toast…hunger can effect their learning and make them sleepy/cranky.
  • Don’t forget to hug or kiss your spouse and children goodbye. A smile and wave can jump start anyone’s day!

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