6 Back -To-School Tips For Healthy Teen Lunches



  • Your lunch should include a complex carb (like whole grain) or beans,  a protein ,  a healthy fat and a veggie. But it should not contain too much sugar. If you have a sweet tooth try fresh fruit or a single piece of dark chocolate.
  • Go ahead and let them eat pizza (again!) but make sure they grab veggies or load them on top of their slice.
  • Keep your locker stocked with healthy snacks like nuts or a banana. If your not starving come lunch time you will be less likely to make unhealthy choices.
  • School salad all blah? Try adding some grilled chicken, cherry tomatos or a Greek yogurt dressing
  •  Wrap or tie apple slice together in a stack to keep them from turning brown.
  • Stay away from energy drinks- they help produce cortisol, a stress hormone which will  make you feel worse.

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