Weight Loss Tips

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Many of us have issues with weight. One of my biggest issue is the lack of exercise and proper diet. ( did I mention how much I LOVE chocolate?)   I walk everywhere but  that only works my leg muscles so I tear out magazine pages and google different body and torso related exercises ( crunches are not good and can cause injury overtime) .   Below are some helpful weight loss tips to get you started:

Lots of water and juicy fruit (watermelon, canalope, berries, honeydew , pineapple,etc) helps flush out your system and lose weight. Resist that soda pop!! A single can of soda has 2 or more cups of sugar in it and is a major culprit of weight gain.  Instead of sugary energy drinks and sport drinks try staying refreshed and hydrated by sipping on lemon water or green tea or fresh lemonade. Milk or protein shakes are good to have with dinner.

Another good tip is getting enough sleep…lack of sleep and stress can cause weight gain…try to take five mins even if its while in the shower to meditate and take slow deep breaths..maybe some lavender scents around bedtime and shut down all tv n internet at least half hour before bed…you will feel more rested..more energized and more willing to do a morning exercise than those that just get up and rush to work.
(Having a workout buddy helps motivate and keep you on track..so maybe a spouse, child, neighbor or a daily jog with the family dog)

Also remember that any ounce lost is progress…it wont happen overnight and no matter what the media says size zero is Not healthy so keep a realistic goal in mind..if people cant love you for who you are rather than your pant size then they arent true friends!

Good Luck with your weight loss journey…I will post more helpful articles soon.


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  1. Love how you add humor in your writing


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