Back To School: Beauty Routine Tips For Moms & Teens

Back To School: Beauty Routine Tips For Moms & Teens


1.  Keep bathing short. Bring in a shower radio/waterproof speakers to plug into your ipod..hop out after two songs.

2. Find a body wash with exfoliating micro beads to remove dirt and oils from clogged pores.

3. Use an in-shower lotion to save time and leave skin soft and moisturized.

4. Use a scented body wash and shampoo to cut down the need for perfumes or colognes. Also a spray on deodorant quickly absorbs and saves clothes from white residue stains.

Face washing:

1. For all skin types washing at night is a must. Cleaning the days grime allows skin to breathe and reboot as you snooze. If you are acne prone or oily skinned  wash skin again in the morning.

2. Wash hands to avoid putting germs on your face. Remove all make up. Some make up is waterproof so they might be resistant to just soap and water. Only oil-based make up removers will fully break them down.

3. Use the sink. In the shower you are more likely to crank up the water temperature. Keep it lukewarm, if it’s too hot you risk stripping skin of natural oils.             ( which leads to dryness and bursting capillaries).

4.  A glycolic acid cleanser mask whisks away dead cells and debunks pores for spotless skin.

5.  Use a facial scrubbing brush to sweep away oils and buff skin. This helps make up go on evenly.

6. Dampen skin, apply dime size amount of cleanser, take 30 seconds using circular motion (or scrub brush) to really work it in. Then rinse and Dont forget the hairline area.

7. Don’t OVER exfoliate (limit to twice a week) it can break down your skins protective barrier causing redness and zits.

8. For super quick morning wash just soak a cotton pad with micellar cleansing water. Press pad unto face then sweep pad across skin to cleanse. Make up and dirt will be on the pad instead of your face.

Morning make up tips:

1. Stash a face water mist in the fridge and spray on bare skin first thing in the morning. Make up will sink in faster and perk you up too.

2. Apply foundation from a presoaked sponge by tapping with applicator so you don’t create streaks.

3.  Perk up your face with a swoosh of rosy blush. Sweep into the Apple’s of cheeks and out.

4.  To apply eyeshadow in a pinch without hassle of brushes, just use a creamy formula that you can swipe on with a finger and control the intensity.

5. If you want to glow, swipe a high lighter wand along your cheekbones , down your nose and then blend.

Morning hair:

1. Wake up with messy bed head? Transform texture with a dry styling  product, spray volumizing texturizure to give strands a boost.

2. Flattened curls? Spray a curl revitalizer onto dry strands. Gently twist any limp coils then use low heat, low power blow dryer for a few seconds.

3. The morning cowlick..don’t fuss about it. Rather use it as a base for a pompador or twist. Cowlick gives the style lift and direction and helps it to stay in all day. Spritz with hairspray to keep it intact.

4. Trick out pony..pump up your daily pony tail with a clingy cuff or glittery hair tie.

5.  For a boho Plato, start with a low pony tail and part into two sections, then twirl each section counter clockwise, wrap the pieces around each other clockwise and secure at ends.

6.  To make teddy ears make half up top knots by sectioning off the top half of your hair. ( width should be eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch) then tie into two high ponies, twirl the ends of each into a tight knot. Secure with Bobby pins.

7. Try a messy pun..part ponytail and part bun. Quick and easy for rushed mornings. Just fashion hair into a low ponytail and twist I to a loose knot, letting the ends sti k out. Pin in place.

8. Use a good detangling brush/spray to save time raking thru snarls.

9. No time to shower in the A.M? Use a dry shampoo before bed to absorb oils overnight  so hair looks fresh when you wake up.






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